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"It is not enough to love the young, they must know that they are loved." 

 At our school, children earn RUAH points for showing RespectUnderstandingAffection and Humour.

RUAH Bronze Stars

The children earn points everyday called 'RUAH' points. These total up for the children to earn bronze stars. This is the start of the children's journey to becoming RUAH children in our school. 


RUAH Silver Stars

Children earn silver stars for showing RUAH, not just in the classroom, but, around our school. Other children can spot this behaviour as well as staff members. Children can also recognise this themselves. 

RUAH Gold Stars

The Gold Star challenge is to be able to show this in the community. Doing acts of kindness out in the community is one way of earning a gold star. Earning all of the available gold stars for the year out in the community really highlights the Catholic Life and ethos of our school.